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CT1- TG8 on VO management

TG8 on Virtual Organizations Management

What are TGs ?

Technical working Groups (TG) are part of the European Grid Concertation Initiative and funded by the European Union Sixth Framework Information Society Technology Programme (EU-FP6 IST).
Their purpose is to provide a forum for discussions, exchange of information and the state-of-the-art, thus emphasizing collaboration throughout EU-FP6 IST Grid projects.

TG8 on European Community for Software & Software Services website

Documents available: TG8 white paper and TG8 activity report

TG8 on Virtual Organizations Management

In the framework of the Grid Concertation Meeting during the EGTD 2006 in Brussels, Belgium, Christine Morin (XtreemOS project leader) organized a BoF session on September 21st, 2006. The idea was to investigate the opportunity to create a new Technical Group (TG) on Virtual Organizations.

This first session attracted more than 38 persons from over 20 Grid-related European projects: This attendance confirmed the great interest raised by the topic of Virtual Organizations Management on next generation Grid architectures and confirmed a need for this new Technical Group.

The first step consisted in a consultation of all IST Grid projects about the creation of a new Technical working Group on Virtual Organizations.

The VO management new technical group will focus on all aspects of Virtual Organization Management in next generation Grid architectures. Among the questions raised: What is the best implementation level (operating system, middleware) for the various mechanisms needed for VO management? How fully decentralized VO management can be achieved?

The new VO management technical group focuses on all aspects of virtual organization management in next generation Grid architectures. Several IST Grid-related projects are interested in VO management.

This technical group‘s goal is to give the opportunity to share knowledge, to compare the different approaches studied by the various projects and to identify topics of common interest to be further investigated.

The TG8 is co-chaired by Dr. Christine Morin (XtreemOS project) and Lukasz Dutka (Cyfronet - Gredia project).

The TG8 kick-off meeting took place in January 2007 in Sankt Augustin (Germany). A list of six topics has been identified, leading to six TG8 actions with a clearly identified action leader:
1.    VO classification & VO architecture & VO models - Lukasz Dutka (Cyfronet – Gredia)
2.    Policy in VO (intersection with TG6) - Alvaro Arenas (STFC – GridTrust/CoreGRID)
3.    VO use cases (scenario, methodology,...) and requirements - Bernd Scheuermann (SAP – XtreemOS)
4.    VO & contracts & SLA - Kostas Stathis (Royal Holloway, University of London – ArguGRID)
5.    Manageability of VO - Nikos Parlavantzas (INRIA – Grid4All)
6.    VO & ontologies/semantics -  leader not appointed yet

A mailing list has been created for this new Technical Working Group. To register for the TG8 mailing list and be kept informed on TG8 activities please visit:

A TG8 website (wiki / and mailing lists have been established to support collaboration between TG8 participants.

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