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XtreemOS/Grid4All meeting

Paris - July 1-2, 2008

An XtreemOS/Grid4All meeting was organized on July 1-2, 2008 in Paris.

The Grid4All project as part of the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies,intends to promote the vision of democratizing the Grid as a ubiquitous
utility where domestic users, small organisations and enterprises share their resources and services inside virtual organizations, and use
resources via the Internet, thus reducing the otherwise necessary investment in computing resources.

Grid4All presentations

  • Grid4All Introductory presentation "Grid4All: Self-* Grid: Dynamic Virtual Organizations for Schools, Families, and All" (Ruby Krishnaswamy, Orange/France Telecom) (pdf)
  • "VO management in Grid4All" (Vladimir Vlassov, KTH and Nikos Parlavantzas, INRIA) (pdf)
  • VOFS: Federative File System for Grid4all (Georgios Tsoukalas, ICCS) (pdf)
  • "Self-Management. Grid4All Perspective" (Per Brand, SICS) (pdf)


XtreemOS presentations


  • Overview of XtreemOS (Christine Morin, INRIA) (pdf)
  • VO management in XtreemOS (Erica Yang, STFC) (pdf)
  • XtreemFS Grid file system (Björn Kolbeck, ZIB) (pdf)



Grid4All representatives

- Ruby Krishnaswamy, project leader
- Per Brand
- Aris Sotirapoulos
- Vladimir Vlassov
- Georgios Tsoukalas
- Marc Shapiro

XtreemOS representatives

- Christine Morin, project leader
- Yvon Jégou
- Adrien Lèbre
- Jérôme Gallard
- Sylvain Jeuland
- Erica Yang
- Björn Kolbeck
- Alvaro Arenas