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XtreemOS Open Testbed

The XtreemOS Open Testbed is a multi-site platform open and free for anyone who wants to try XtreemOS right now. Anyone can obtain an account and experiment with a small grid running XtreemOS. Users can deal directly with the XtreemOS interface, execute some applications examples or load their own applications and try them. This permanent testbed connects physical and virtual nodes running the current stable release of XtreemOS.

The testbed consists of several machines from different XtreemOS partners distributed in different sites in Europe. For example, the testbed currently deployed under XtreemOS 3 comprises of 4 machines on 2 sites:

  • 3 machines at INRIA, Rennes, France (one configured as a XOS core and one as a XOS resource),
  • 1 machine at Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands (configured as XOS resources).


How to get a free account in the XtreemOS testbed.