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XtreemOS summit 2010

Context and objectives

2nd XtreemOS summit at Euro-Par 2010, August 31st to September 3rd, 2010 - Ischia-Naples, Italy


Large-scale distributed systems like grids and clouds provide means for executing complex scientific and business applications. But they often involve installing and interacting with several layers of middleware, a difficult task for inexperienced users. Tools developed for grid use are demanding and complex, especially because they are based on operating systems that are not designed to manage distributed and versatile resources.

XtreemOS can be seen as an alternative to traditional Grid middleware, facilitating the use of federated resources for scientific and business communities. XtreemOS provides for users, the vision of a large powerful single workstation environment, but removing the complex resource management issues of a Grid environment. When installed on a participating machine, XtreemOS provides for the Grid what an operating system offers for a single computer: abstraction from the hardware and secure resource sharing between different users. XtreemOS is available for PCs, clusters and mobile devices.



The aims of this summit are:

  • To familiarize participants with the usage of the main XtreemOS services (Virtual Organization management & grid security mechanisms, application execution management, XtreemFS - distributed data storage etc.).
  • To present XtreemOS Grid system from the user's point of view,
  • To demonstrate some XtreemOS main functionalities,
  • To provide a unique opportunity for people interested in the XtreemOS technology to meet developers, users, researchers (...) who initiated the technology, share experiences and discuss research work.