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First XtreemOS challenge

Demonstrate your Application running on XtreemOS Grid OS and win €1,000!

Context, selection criteria and prize

Make your application challenge XtreemOS!


 For the first time XtreemOS organizes its first computing challenge to demonstrate an application running on XtreemOS. This provides students with the opportunity to test their applications on a Linux-based Grid operating system and perform large-scale experiments on the Grid.

At the same time, it will enlarge the XtreemOS community and increase the pool of demonstrable use-cases, user's experiences and success stories.

XtreemOS is seeking the best of student users of Grid-enabled applications.


Selection criteria

Demonstrations will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of XtreemOS members, with judging based on various criteria:

  1. Application (real/complex): how it takes advantage of the XtreemOS system
  2. Scalable system: size of the deployment
  3. Reproducibility of experience

Other selection criteria:

  • complexity of the application,

  • appropriateness for XtreemOS Grid system,

  • potential impact,

  • work done to port the application to XtreemOS,

  • tools developed to deploy the demonstration,

  • presentation of the demonstration in a paper and video.

Applications to be run on XtreemOS can be used in various domains (bioinformatics, physics, earth sciences, biomedicine, numerical simulation etc.). XtreemOS is running on a wide range of hardware ranging from PCs, Linux clusters and smartphones.




Three prizes will be awarded and the grand prize is a €1,000 gift voucher.
A certificate of participation will be delivered to all participants.

Good Luck, we are looking forward to seeing your videos!