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Tutorial at EuroSys 2010

Tutorial at EuroSys 2010, 13th April to 16th April 2010, Paris, France.


Grid and Cloud Computing with XtreemOS

Corina Stratan (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Massimo Coppola (Universita di Pisa and ISTI-CNR), Guillaume Pierre (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Large scale distributed systems like grids and clouds provide means for executing complex scientific and business applications. However, they often involve installing and interacting with several layers of middleware, a difficult task for inexperienced users. This tutorial introduces XtreemOS, a Linux-based operating system that provides grid and cloud computing functionalities. XtreemOS aims to give users the illusion of working with a traditional computer while removing the burden of complex resource management issues of typical distributed environments. Existing POSIX and Grid applications are transparently handled, automatically exploiting container and virtualization support when needed. After introducing the general concepts of the domain, the tutorial will present the XtreemOS functionalities and will demonstrate how they can be used. We shall focus on a few core XtreemOS services for grids: virtual organization management (building and operating dynamic virtual organizations), application execution management (providing scalable resource discovery and job scheduling for distributed interactive applications), and data management (accessing and storing data in XtreemFS, a distributed POSIX-like file system).


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